With more than 25 years of expertise, Nakul International has grown to become one of the biggest end-to-end processing unit and is involved in all the services from mining, manufacturing, packaging to export of natural stones.

Mining is the first and very significant industrial process. The process begins with extraction of raw granite from earth’s crust in big, hefty blocks. Typically, granite slabs are found in quarries that are located as near to earth surface as possible. The granite is uncovered by removing the earth layers and unwanted stones or soil by drilling or blasting and is taken out of ground by an open cast. Further, these massive slabs are broken into small rectangular chunks that are sent for processing.


At Nakul International, we own multiple black granite quarries, which are located in Chamrajnagar district, Karnataka. The granites extracted from our quarries includes Absolute Black, Copper Black, among others. They are one-of-a-kind and has a very consistent colour, texture and shine. They have high density, durability, less porosity level, increased flexural strength and less acid sensitive.


At Nakul International, we own 3 fully-operational manufacturing units – Lovely Industries, Lucky Industries and Ayush Stones. Here, the large blocks extracted from mines are processed and converted into one beautiful stone as per the customer’s order.

How are the Granites Processed?

  • The large blocks of stones, extracted from our quarries are sliced into smaller pieces through giant gang saws. The slabs then get polished on one side and bundled together with similar-sized ones from the same piece, before being loaded onto containers for transport to factories.
  • With chipping, the surface of each slab is separated from its neighbours and then transferred to an edge cutting machine. This meticulous process carefully trims away any rough edges or blemishes before sending them on for final polishing in order to create a smooth finish.
  • Granites are made more appealing by giving them colour and pattern. There is an endless variety of colours, patterns, textures to choose from that we can match with your preferences for the greatest finish possible- all combining epoxy chemicals into one beautiful stone!

At Nakul International, We Have...


At Nakul International, we are equipped with high-tech machinery and updated tools that enables us to customize the stone in any shape, size, thickness or design as per the customer’s requirement. Our state-of-the-art machinery ensures that we process large blocks of natural stones easily and safely, all while maintaining supreme levels of precision & craftsmanship!


At Nakul International, we pay extra attention to ensure safe and strong packaging of the products. The packaging of granite typically depends on the size and type of the granite product.

For smaller items such as tiles, they are often packed in cardboard boxes with foam padding to protect them during transportation. For larger slabs, they are usually wrapped in plastic and placed on a pallet for easy handling with a forklift or crane. The pallet is then shrink-wrapped for additional protection. In both cases, we ensure proper labelling and documentation for efficient and safe delivery.