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Monuments Manufacturers in India – The word monument is derived from the Latin/french word “Monere” which means “To remind”. The desire to be remembered is a natural human response. People build monuments or headstones to remember the loved ones who left the world. Whether it’s small or great, fragile or enduring, a monument holds priceless memories for the deceased soul.  

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The monument has significant psychological benefits also. The cemetery monuments give the mourners a place to visit, grieve, and remember the departed soul. Without interaction with such kind of places, a loved one often struggles to grieve properly. Unhealthy mourning can lead to strain on the body and affect emotional health. 

Not only this, monuments have always been an essential part of Indian history, defining the cultural historical, and artistic aspects of a society. In India, monument manufacturing companies have a rich and diverse knowledge of craftsmanship and create wonderful art. Nakul International is one the leading monument manufacturers in India that aims to transform normal stones into breathtaking architectural marvels.

Granite Exports by India – Report & Analysis

The market of granite is constantly booming every year. India is a hub of natural wonders and natural stones. Not only in India, the demand for granite is also rising in foreign countries. Every year, India exports millions of granite to international countries.

According to the report published by OEC World, in 2022, India exported approximately $718 million of granite, making it the 1st largest exporter in the world. The leading countries of granite exports from India are China ($405M), the United Kingdom ($50.3M), Bangladesh ($37.7M), Maldives ($35.1M), and Chinese Taipei ($32.7M).

Top Reasons to Use Black Granite For Monuments

There is no doubt, that India is the home of natural gems and stones. There are diverse ranges of colorful granite found in India including absolute black granite, white granite, black galaxy granite, red granite, blue granite, Kashmir white granite, crystal yellow granite, and others. However, when it comes to craft monuments, black granite always remains the most popular choice. 

Let’s break down why the usage of dark theme stones such as black granite for monuments or headstones has a very remarkable record in India.

1. Luxurious elegance

Indian black granite is the epitome of timeless beauty. It has a deep, bold, and lustrous black hue that radiates sophistication and graceful elegance. This natural stone blends an artistic and exceptional shine, ensuring the monuments or headstones remain new and stunning for a lifetime. Its flawless finish not only offers a touch of refinement but also enhances the aesthetic elegance. The world-class versatility of black granite allows the manufacturer to craft simple art, intricate designs, and complex layerings, enabling the personal touch to the memorial piece.

2. Durability 

Indian black granite has become a leading choice for monuments & headstones due to its high-end sturdiness. Black granite is formed under extreme heat and pressure and this natural process can take thousands of years. Unlike other stones, they still easily combat corrosion and harsh weather conditions. Its robust nature helps the monuments and headstones to maintain their beauty and fight environmental impacts, ensuring a long-lasting appeal and unbreakable art or memories.

3. Cultural Significance

Black granite holds immense cultural significance and traditions. That’s why the desire to make monuments with black granite is irreplaceable. Its bold black hue stands for strength, power, and eternity in many cultures. Also, in Hinduism, the black color holds the spiritual energy of Goddess Kali. which is why some families choose black granite for monuments or headstones as it is connected to their tradition, cultural symbolism, and spiritual beliefs. 

4. Customization

When it comes to customization, Indian black granite offers excellent opportunities. Talented artisans can meticulously engrave the symbols, intricate designs, messages, quotes, names, dates, or others on the granite. Whether it’s a religious painting, or a motivational message, black granite offers a smooth and flawless surface for a customized touch. Families and industrial clients can coordinate with monument manufacturers to craft a unique piece of art with a personal touch.

5. Environment -friendly

In this era, where environmental issues are constantly rising, Indian black granite has remained an eco-friendly choice. Granite is a natural stone that formed over thousands of years with geographical process. Unlike man-made substances, granite doesn’t release any harmful chemicals or pollution that can damage the environment. Furthermore, the manufacturing and shaping process of granite in India is also done by following sustainable mining practices. So, by choosing black granite for monuments clients can be ensured to preserve memories while making contributions to a sustainable environment.

Why Choose Nakul International  – The Prominent Monuments Manufacturers in India

Welcome to the Granite Monuments by Nakul International – where bespoke elegance meets timeless tribute. With a legacy of over 25 years and cutting-edge knowledge in the industry, Nakul International stands out as an exceptional and largest exporter, and supplier of granite monuments, headstones, and tombstones from India. All our monuments, Headstones, Tombstones, and Commemorative structures, are the epitome of magnificent beauty and incredible durability.

Being a leading monument manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India, we, at, Nakul International always put quality first rather than anything else. We deliver an outstanding range of black granite monuments that can easily withstand harsh weather conditions, corrosion, extreme temperature, and humidity, ensuring top-notch durability for decades.

Our highly trained team of artisans has strong domain knowledge of traditional and contemporary styles and crafts exquisite monuments that not only capture the essence of cultural heritage but also cater to your unique needs. 

From ethereal angel-graved black granite monuments to a stunning European-style structure, you can count on Nakul International’s superb expertise in craftsmanship for a lasting testament to your memories and legacy. 

Our Hard work and Commitment Take Us To Overseas

We, at, Nakul International feel proud that our company has successfully earned the trust of international clients by offering them top-of-the-line products including marble, monuments, and others. We export our high-quality products to 20+ countries across the globe including the USA, UK, Georgia, Israel, Spain, South Korea, and so on. With an unwavering commitment to an innovative approach and client satisfaction, we aim to make our company “A Globally Recognized Brand”.

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So what are you waiting for? Explore our impeccable collection to honor legacies and preserve memories with ethereal elegance. 

For further information on the granite color, prices, availability, delivery services, and export services, feel free to reach out to us.  Our friendly and professional custom support crew will be there to assist you with all your monument, headstone, or tombstone needs.

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Q1: I’m looking for a granite monument. What is the average price of a granite monument in India?

Ans: The average price of a granite monument depends upon various factors like your monument size, colour, and much more. Well, the estimated price of a granite monument can start from 1500$/CBM and can go up to 5000$/cbm.

Q2: Can I customize my granite monument?

Ans: Absolutely, you can customize the shape, thickness, and size of your product to fit your needs. Our friendly and supportive team will work with you to know your special requirements to offer you a smooth and customized experience. 

Q3: Which company supplies the best granite monuments in India?

Ans; If you are looking for a reliable and experienced granite monuments manufacturer in India, then Nakul International is that name. With a rich experience of 25+ years and unbeatable expertise in the industry, we are renowned for manufacturing, supplying, and exporting state-of-the-art granite monuments, headstones, and tombstones at the most reasonable rates.