Nakul International respects privacy of every company and individual. The personal information that you enter in our inquiry form or send us by email when you make inquiry is used only for our internal information purposes.

All of our visitors and customers are assured that their information won’t be shared or used in any other way that compromises their privacy because we uphold high standards of fairness and integrity. We are dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of both online visitors and our customers.

Please contact us via the “contact us” page if you have provided personal information through our website and would like it updated or removed from our files.

Disclaimer :

1. Information on our website

On our website, we have made a sincere effort to provide accurate information. But if there have been any errors, they have been genuine and unintentional. So kindly inform us and we will correct it immediately.

2. Quality

We make an effort to provide and export only the highest-quality goods. But since stone is a natural material, no two pieces are alike. Therefore, the variations in color and texture that you observe are a result of nature.

In this regard, before supplying, we get the customers’ approval of the samples. Customers need to be aware that variations are still possible and acceptable even then.

3. Packaging

All products are packed in sturdy, secure containers to ensure that they are delivered to customers safely and undamaged. Before shipping, photos are sent to the buyer for approval.

Despite taking all necessary precautions, breakage may still happen in a single instance because of the lengthy transport route and frequent handling of packages along the way.

Nakul International does not accept claims in this regard, but we do provide insurance coverage for our clients.

4. Delivery

The deliveries are typically made on time. Delivery may be delayed if there is a natural disaster, such as flooding, heavy rain, a storm, etc., or a civil issue, such as a strike, civil unrest, the shutdown of a port, etc.

Customers are immediately informed of the situation; Nakul International does not consider any claims resulting from such delays.

5. Availability of Material

Because granite is a natural product, some colours might not always be available because quarries occasionally run out of space. We inform our clients of any changing circumstances