Come See How We Perfect Nature’s Work

Mined From Quarries With Precision & Care

The first step of our process is to remove overburden, which can be soil or gravel on top of the stone. Unwanted stones are removed by drilling and blasting. These massive slabs are broken into small rectangular chunks that are sent for further processing. 

Molding Stones To Slabs

The giant gang saws are used to slice large blocks of stone into smaller pieces. The slabs then get polished on one side and bundled together with similar-sized ones from the same piece, before being loaded onto containers for transport. 


With chipping, the surface of each slab is separated from its neighbors and then transferred to an edge cutting machine. This meticulous process carefully trims away any rough edges or blemishes before sending them on for final polishing in order to create a smooth finish.


Granites are made more appealing by giving them color and pattern. There is an endless variety of colors, patterns, textures to choose from that we can match with your preferences for the greatest finish possible- all combining epoxy chemicals into one beautiful stone!


We are committed to providing the highest quality products possible. Our state-of-the-art machinery ensures that we process large blocks of natural stones easily and safely, all while maintaining supreme levels of precision & craftsmanship!


Vertical Slab Multicutter

Resining Line

Auto Polisher

Imported Shot Blasting Machine

Single Blade Auto Bridge Cutting Machine

Thickness Calibrator