Why is Indian Granite Most Popular Worldwide?

Granite is a form of igneous rock that is massively used for construction and infrastructure purposes. Owing to its aesthetic appearance, hardness and durability; granite has managed to surpass marbles and other natural stones, making it a widespread construction stone throughout human history.

Granite is recognized for its extensive usage in everyday life. It is used as kitchen countertops, in bathrooms, shelves, basins. It is also used for flooring and tilling, road making, jewellery making, constructing temples, gravestones or monuments, etc.

Despite granite’s global availability, Indian Granite is available in a wide range of colours, giving the architecture an unmatched sense of style and elegance. It has a demonstrated track record of being a widely used stone material in building classical memorials. From Taj Mahal and its white Marble to the Atomic Bomb Victims memorial in Hiroshima, japan; Bruce Lee Memorial in Washington DC etc. are a few examples.

Also, Indian Granite is known for its quality, design and durability and is offered with a wide range of finishing including Lepatora, brushed, polished, sandblasted, bush hammered and others.

Indian Granite Export: Current Scenario

With a market value of over 25,000 crores, India serves as one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of granite. Over 4 trillion cubic metres of granite are stored in vast reserves in India. According to an export data, supply shortage is also ruled out by the fact that only 3% of the total reserve of Indian granite has been explored as of now. Additionally, 15% or so of the world’s total granite production comes from India, mostly from the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Odisha.

In 2020, granite was ranked as India’s 71st most exported good. According to the 2022 reports, Indian granite is exported to over 145 countries with a net worth of $498 Million. The top countries with the highest demand of Indian Granite are China ($296 Million), U.S.A ($40 Million), Vietnam ($32 Million), Saudi Arabia ($13 Million), Algeria ($11 Million).

Reasons for High Demand of Indian Granite Across the Globe


India is the hub for Granite production. As already stated above, vast reserves are present where this stone can be found in large quantities. Additionally, numerous granite quarries as well as granite producers and exporters are spread out across the nation for easier accessibility and faster supply to you.


One of the main reason for high demand is that premium quality Indian Granite is available at very competitive price as compared to any other county. This is possible due to certain factors i.e. availability of abundant granite quarries, intense market Competition, inexpensive labour and low currency exchange rate.


One of the exceptionality quality of Indian Granite is that it is housed with more than 100 different variations. Be it the texture, dimensions, quality, colour, sizes, finishing etc.; every granite order is different and is designed and customized according to customer needs. From any size-shape i.e. cutter slabs, gangsaw slabs, tiles etc.; to any design i.e. monumental designs, stone designs, kitchen countertops etc.; to any colour variations i.e. Absolute Black Granite, Forest Red, Viscon White, Alaska Gold, Tropical Blue, etc.; are easily available and that too from different sources.

Easy Procurement.

Due to minimum government regulations and norms, the whole exporting process from India to another country is pretty easy and hassle- free. From the manufacturing stage to shipment, products are delievered quickly and on-time without any major problems or inadequate breakdowns.

Concluding Note

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